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The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.”– William H Gass

Why I Write

Often nicknamed Word Woman, I’ve had a passion for the written word since I first learned how to inscribe it in crayon on my bedroom wall.

I won my first creative writing award in third grade for a persuasive promotional piece I wrote encouraging the reader to consume a bag of Cheetos, a product I certainly would not endorse today. Soon after, I received my first typewriter (remember those?) and both my writing skills and imagination continued to expand as a result.

Whether it’s personal narrative or expository prose, fiction or editorial, I thoroughly enjoy the art of writing in all of its forms. Sharing information, insight, inspiration, and imagination are what motivate me to bring my thoughts to the page.

I write about everything for which I am passionate. This includes psychology, spirituality, human consciousness, music, yoga, travel, nutrition, health & wellness, and more.

Writing Services

I am currently available for contributions to your online publication, magazine, or journal. I also offer ghostwriting and editing services on a freelance basis as well.

I have ghostwritten e-books and articles, created sales copy and search-engine optimized web content, written e-courses, newsletters, and blog posts, as well as edited all of the same for numerous clients.

Why hire a ghostwriter or editor?

An editor or ghostwriter can help you realize your creative vision by providing constructive analysis, offering ancillary perspective, and utilizing skillful literary techniques to ensure that your piece is both structured and refined by the time it hits publication.

It’s more than just grammar and syntax. It’s about expressing your unique story in a voice that is your own. Whether you already have something written or you’re still playing with ideas, I can help put your story in print.

As a ghostwriter, I listen closely to your ideas and intentions and carry out the necessary research to write your manuscript from your personal vantage point. You envision the content and I put it on paper. Together, we bring your vision to life. As an editor, I provide feedback and suggestions to help transform your piece into its finest version, ensuring that your words are eloquent and reader-friendly, while still holding true to your authentic voice and message.

What Clients Are Saying:

As of today, I’ve been using Brittany’s freelance writing services for about half a year and have no plans to stop. I consider her a part of our extended team. Brittany writes in very easy-to-read prose that is both smart and engaging. She writes high-performing articles that often get thousands of social media interactions on our popular mental health blog. Her knowledge of psychology and mental health are vast and her ability to research and relay information in a meaningful way is second to none. If you have the chance to work with Brittany, do yourself a favor and hire her! – D.A. Washington, USA

Brittany is an extremely honest and passionate writer. I hired her to write a few books for me and she did an excellent job. She listened carefully and executed the work in a careful and perfect way. I could not be more pleased with the end result. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a freelance writer.  – A.S. New York, USA

Hire Me Today

If you wish to utilize my writing services, please pitch me a proposal of your project. Be sure to include information on word count, pay structure, and anticipated deadline. I respond to all submitted proposals within 3 business days