The Buttered Muse

About Brittany

brittanyHi I’m Brittany and I run The Buttered Muse!

You’ll often hear me refer to The Buttered Muse as “we”, but in actuality, I’m the only one behind the scenes. I say we because we’re in this together. I want The Buttered Muse to be a community of inspired people who care about the future of humanity and our mother earth.

The Buttered Muse mission is to inspire. Our vision is a better world. Our values are transparency, curiosity, awareness, mindfulness, compassion, freedom, and unity.

Read my professional bio below to learn more about me.

Brittany Tackett, MA is a transformational life coach, psychotherapist, writer, and creative visionary. She holds a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology with specialization in life coaching, an International Certificate of Behavioral Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minor in Philosophy. She first began her pursuits of psychology and philosophy in hopes of getting to the root of human suffering and answering the age-old question, “What does it mean to be human?”.

After years of education, research, and experential inquiry, her focus has shifted from what makes people suffer to what makes people thrive. Rather than focus on pathology, her approach is strength-based. Her transformational life coaching is holistic, integrating all aspects of the human experience, including the spiritual. She defines spiritual as living with awareness, purpose, compassion, and heart.