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Inspired in 5: Dear Hardwork

Today’s Inspired in 5 encourages us to reflect on our relationship with good old-fashioned hard work. Dear Hardwork is a motivational video posted by CutAndJacked starring ADAMwontLOSE. Adam’s spoken poetry personifies hard work as if it were an enemy turned ally, exclaiming that while he once loathed and resisted it, he’s now come to trust and rely on it.

Hard work pays off. As Maya Angelou said, “Nothing works unless you do”. So when we find ourselves avoiding hard work, we must ask, “Why?”

We must get to the root of our resistance. How might our beliefs about work keep us from making progress towards our goals? How might we shift those beliefs so that we can befriend hard work and cultivate the perseverance needed to succeed?

:::  Inspired in 5 is a daily column, posting inspirational videos of 5 minutes or less, to provide quick and meaningful inspiration when we need it most.

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