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Inspired in 5: A New Year, A New You

Okay so this one is a few seconds longer than 5 minutes. But, it’s worth your time if you desire true and lasting change in your life this year. It’s Day 9 of 2018. Many people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions. It’s said that less than 8% of people actually follow through with their goals for the coming year. Why is that?

Watch this video,  A New Year, A New You from RedFrost Motivation, the number one Youtube channel for motivation. In this video montage, we hear a voice over from T.D. Jakes. He discusses how everyone is in the process of transforming into a higher better version of themselves. He explains that we can’t let our past habits keep us from this metamorphosis. If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll remain where we’ve always been.  The video ends with Jakes profoundly exclaiming, “I can’t drag the same old mess into another year”.

At the dawn of the new year, we must ask ourselves what kind of lives we really want to live this year. What must we be willing to give up so that we can reach our highest potential this year?

Watch the video and get inspired!

“You can have a new year, but it don’t mean jack diddly if you don’t have a new mind. I’m telling you that you can buy a new car, but if you put the old man in the new car you’re still going to have the old experience. I’m telling you that a new house doesn’t make a new marriage. I’m talking about a new outfit doesn’t make you a new person. If you think you’re magically going to be a new person, I hate to be the bearer of bad news cause new life comes from a new mind and a new way of looking at your life.” – T.D. Jakes

::: Inspired in 5 is a daily column, posting inspirational videos of 5 minutes or less, to provide quick and meaningful inspiration when we need it most.

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